Siamese Cats: A Family Affair 

From my earliest memories I have lived among Siamese cats. My mother having bred Siamese cats throughout the 1960's right up to her early death. Owning a number of queens, there was always a litter on the go and kittens at my feet. When I left home, I couldn't live without my own Siamese companion and ended up breeding myself as a hobby. While teaching and homeschooling internationally, I have run my own registered catteries in Sweden (Elfeles) and New Zealand (Vespertilio) for many years before a hiatus due to international travel. As a retired teacher turned travel writer, I have now settled in New York with my new family and have established the Elfelis cattery in order that my own children can enjoy the family tradition that gave me such fond memories. Also, I just so needed my own buddy again who can jump on my shoulders and bond with me in the way only Siamese cats do. Breeding only for pleasure, our limited availability kittens are brought up in a family situation, used to children and a busy household, and enjoy an extended childhood and full on human interaction to ensure that when they are re-homed that they are confident and outgoing. 

                Lee A. Elliott, New York, 2018

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Our Cats
From birth our cats are exposed to daily human contact within a family based environment. 
Current Litter

View a selection of photographs documenting our current litter. Our Queen and her kittens 

Siamese Pedigree
Find out more about the history of the breed, the points, and what makes Siamese cats so unique.
The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) is the world's largest cat  registry opedigree cats.

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